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France wouln't be France without wine, cheese, good dinner and festives. As well, high level sport events  (Icehockey, Handball, Rugby, etc.) or Festivals (dance, music, traditional events) take place throughout the year. Informations about the city of Montpellier, i.e. history, climate, interesting things to see or do, restaurants, theathre, concerts: see Informations of the tourist office, see

Our proposals for 1/2 or day trips:  

Wonderful: The medevial city of Carcassonne (one day trip)

Just around the corner : St.-Guilhem-le-Désert (picture: Fritz Geller-Grimm, Wikimedia Commons). 


Taking off and having a look form above: The airport Frejourgues Montpellier-Méditerrannée provides privat trips.



Subterranean galmour: The Grotte des Demoiselles near St. Bauzille de Putois.



Over 100 castles and chatêaus, parks, and gardens can be visited  (for futher informations see here).  



Not only for passionates of flamingos: Visiting the "Petit Camargue". We strongly recommend to use insect repellant.



Typical events in the region are the french bull fights which are organised in any village or town - dont' t worry about the bull - they all leave the arena after 15 mns of "work". Some of them are as famous as pop stars. 



The Pic St. Loup invites to go climbing, hiking, riding, paragliding, or just to have a picknick, to take pictures and enjoy the marvelous view.



Wonderful any time of the year: The mediteranean beach between La Grande Motte and Carnon.








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