Mas Les Muriers

Unique nature


Our farm Les Mûriers is situated in the valley of Montarnaud and shows a large variety different vegetation due to the geographical situation: Garrigue, Wine yards, pine woods and grassland. The pilgrim´s Chemin de St. Jacques de Compostelle passes on the hights just 100 m behind our guest house. 
direction Belair

Near the houses, elder and oak trees grow close to the river :

We have our own source providing crystall-clear water :


Our mission is to preserve the unique nature and to share it with our guests. 


Our farm is named after the mulberry trees near the river.  The trees had been planted hundreds of  years ago for the sericulture: The leaves of the mulberry tree are the main nutrition of the silkworm. Today, the sericulture is continued as a school project of the Montarnaud primary school.



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